Research Possibilities

Modelowanie 3D - grafika

3D Modeling

Preparation of a computer model of desired object

Preparation of the object for FEM, including geometric and model simplifications, such as model symmetry,

converting solid models to surface models and vice versa

Geometric and variant parameterization of 3D models

Software available:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • DS Catia.v5
  • Ansys SpaceClaim
MES - grafika

FEM calculations

Carrying out the calculation process based on FEM for the following issues:

  • linearly elastic;
  • nonlinear;
  • dynamic;
  • temporary;
  • frequency response;
  • modal analysis;
  • and other.

Software available:

  • Ansys Workbench 2021R1
  • Siemens FEMAP 2020.1
  • MSC Digimat

It is possible to commercially use the calculation results based on the software:

Siemens Simcenter FEMAP 2020.1

Analiza wyników - grafika

Elaboration of the results

Preparation of results according to individual arrangements for each research process carried out.

  • graphical elaboration of the results;
  • preparing a report;
  • additional computational operations on the obtained results of FEM analyzes;
  • statistical processing of the obtainned results

The components of strain and stress tensors in selected nodes of the model (or in each node) can be taken from the computational model and developed with the use of software, e.g.

    • Mathworks MatLAB
    • Scilab
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Research Process Implementation

In accordance with the applicable regulations of the functioning of scientific laboratories at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the research process is carried out as follows.

01. Research Requirement Application

By submitting a completed application form, CML begins the process of preparing and securing adequate resources and time for the implementation of the research task 

02. Development of a Detailed Research Program

The research work submitted for implementation is discussed with the applicant and then the following are agreed:

  • expected results of work;
  • the form of the expected results;
  • the scope of support necessary to carry out this task within the resources and competences held;
  • the team carrying out the research task and the work schedule.

03. Realization of the research task

The proposed and discussed research task is carried out using the resources of the Computer Mechanics Laboratory by:

  • The declaring person with appropriate authorization for the temporary use of laboratory resources;

  • A team carrying out a research task appointed at the stage of developing a detailed research program.

04. Reporting the results

Development of the results of the research work according to the agreed scope, completion and acceptance of the research work carried out at CML.